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Patience, precision, and perfectly aged tobaccos - Fuente believes you can't rush the hands of time, and has kept that motto at heart to deliver amazing cigars for over 100 years.

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All Arturo Fuente Cigars Products

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God of Fire Serie B
$133.75 - $281.00

  Available in 3 sizes

God of Fire by Arturo Fuente
$162.50 - $325.00

  Available in 4 sizes

Arturo Fuente
$16.75 - $221.00

  Available in 41 sizes

Arturo Fuente Sun Grown
$35.25 - $302.40

  Available in 9 sizes


With over a century of experience behind them, Arturo Fuente cigars is a modern-day legend. The brand was originally founded in 1912 by Arturo Fuente Sr. Arturo, Cristina, and his two sons began rolling and blending cigars and quickly became recognized as an immensely talented family. From there, the company bought a farm in the Dominican Republic where they still produce some of the best cigars in the world.

Today, Fuente is run by Carlito Fuente Jr., a 3rd generation cigar maker and the grandson of Arturo. Carlito has overseen the company’s growth from a renowned local name to a prestigious, global operation. The Fuentes are also directly responsible for establishing the Dominican Republic as a locale for premium cigar tobacco – prior to their creation of the OpusX line (a Dominican puro), Dominican tobacco was looked at as nothing more than mellow fodder.

The Fuente line is vast, but you can rest assured that whichever cigar you select comes with the highest level of recommendation. The family is perhaps best known for their work with Sun Grown and Cameroon wrappers, like the one found on the Hemingway series.

A word of warning – Fuente is an incredibly popular brand, and demand far outweighs supply. When you see your favorite line or size in stock, we recommend acting with haste. 



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